Newport News City Hall closed due to HVAC issue, crews work to fix damage |

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NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — Newport News City Hall was closed Tuesday due to an HVAC system issue.  Heating And Cooling Tower

Newport News City Hall closed due to HVAC issue, crews work to fix damage |

According to a city spokesperson, a valve on the cooling tower froze. That valve is supposed to stop water from reaching a certain level. Instead, water began to overflow and flooded parts of the top three floors.

The spokesperson said the issue caused significant water damage to multiple floors inside city hall. A restoration company was still onsite hours later to fix the issue.

Several signs leading up to every entry point of the building will stop you in your tracks to tell you city hall is closed.

On Wednesday, they announced the building would stay closed for the rest of the week -- with a planned reopening date on Jan. 3. 

.@CityofNN City Hall is closed today due to an HVAC issue. According to a city spokesperson, “a cooling tower at the top of City Hall didn’t shut off properly and flooded the top three floors.” They have a restoration company on-site.@13NewsNow

A woman walking out of the city hall who didn’t want to go on camera said she had an appointment with the code compliance department and didn’t know the building had closed for the day. She said it’s a bit frustrating that she has to re-schedule some important business. 

Dripping water could be seen from parts of the building. That's due to the HVAC system, according to a security guard.

All city employees scheduled to report to city hall are either working from home or tasked with a duty from their supervisor.

The closure only impacts the city hall building. All other city offices and facilities are opened as scheduled.

If you need to go there for a permit, a technician will be in the Commissioner of the Revenue's office (next to City Hall) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Friday.

A spokesperson said city services are still fully operational. Residents in need of city services should call the Newport News 3-1-1 Contact Center at 757-933-2311.

Newport News City Hall closed due to HVAC issue, crews work to fix damage |

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